Sunday, March 06, 2005


Greek Mythology

Name: Prometheus
Domain: The Titan of Forethought


Prometheus was the wisest of the Titans. His name meant forethought, and he was able to see the future. He was Epimetheus and Atlas' brother. He was the son of Iapetus.

When Zeus rebelled against the Titans, Prometheus defected to fight along Zeus' side. Since Prometheus fought with Zeus he was spared the other Titans' fate.

Some of the myths stated that Prometheus and Epimethus were ordered to create mankind by Zeus. But it was know that Prometheus was the protector of mankind. Prometheus gave mankind several gifts, most notably he supplied them with fire.

Prometheus also tricked Zeus into letting men keep the best parts of the animals that were sacrificed to the gods. Because of this infidelity Zeus had Prometheus chained to a boulder. He had an eagle gnaw at his liver daily. Since Prometheus was an immortal Titan, his liver would grow back every day, and he would not die.

Prometheus agreed to advise Zeus which of his children would attempt to overthrow him in exchange for his freedom. But before he supplied Zeus with the information he was rescued by Hercules.